When you are looking for a quality rehab center for drug or alcohol addiction, there are a great many choices. If you conduct a Google search for one, the results are endless. How will you know if any of the rehab facilities are good? Will their staff be experienced, knowledgeable, and certified to provide the care you need? Is the center accredited or not? What does accredited mean, anyway? Why does that matter? Have you read good or bad reviews about the rehab centers you are interested in? Can you trust the reviews?

Accredited addiction centers can make a significant difference in the quality of care and treatment you receive in rehab. Subpar treatment can be disastrous and may compel you back into addiction.

Credible, quality rehab centers must meet strict state licensure requirements before they are allowed to operate. Addiction facilities have to meet specific criteria of more staunch standards. Accreditation for an addiction treatment center means that the organization is compliant with all of the required standards. In addition, they must also continue to meet those standards.

When a center is accredited, it shows that it has met all of the criteria for healthcare and clinical results. When the center is accredited, its staff is trained and experienced to handle various issues that may come up. Accredited facilities must continually maintain best practices, or else they will lose their accreditation.

If you are searching for an accredited quality rehab center, this is what you should expect:

  • Safe and clean accommodations
  • Educated, certified, licensed, multidisciplinary staff members
  • Clinical care that utilizes evidence-based practices
  • Staff that are attentive to your needs and other clients’ needs
  • Transparent practices from the first phone call to aftercare
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