Serenity at Summit New England helps people start a new chapter in their lives after battling substance use disorders. If you are looking for guidance and support to recover from substance misuse, Serenity can help you every step of the way. 

Serenity helps clients at the most critical stage of addiction recovery. The facility offers acute treatment and clinical stabilization services to help them find their footing and keep them from succumbing to a harmful relapse that could impede their recovery or end their lives.

Serenity at Summit New England is located in Haverhill, Massachusetts, and is part of the Delphi Behavioral Health Group family of facilities. Serenity specializes in treating clients’ needs to help them overcome substance dependency and addiction, and it’s all done with the Delphi Difference in mind. 

Serenity’s philosophy is to provide high-quality, personalized addiction treatment that puts the client first at all times. The staff offers professional services with low clinician-to-patient ratios that ensure each client receives the individual the attention and care they need. No two people or their experiences with substance abuse are the same. Serenity understands that and aims to meet every need a person has to help them leave addiction behind.

Serenity’s board-approved medical staff offers 24-hour medically managed care, and so is available around the clock to help people start the journey to end their struggles with drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances. Serenity works to keep clients safe and as comfortable as possible as they receive treatment.

Serenity offers spacious accommodations that can help clients relax and feel at home. The facility also offers private rooms and amenities that make their stay more welcoming. 

Serenity at Summit New England Offerings

Acute Treatment Services (ATS): This critical stage of recovery involves intensive 24-hour medical detoxification from addictive substances. It is the very first step on the continuum of care, as explained by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. People in drug or alcohol withdrawal and have urgent medical needs usually start with acute treatment. ATS can also help people in recovery who seek support to avoid a relapse or a return to using addictive substances. 

During this period, an initial assessment will be made to understand what the patient’s needs are. The assessment addresses physical and mental health needs. Medical staff will monitor people recovering from substance use disorders around the clock, ensuring they have what they need to manage their withdrawal period safely. They also may give them medication to treat withdrawal symptoms. Medical detoxification is just the beginning of the recovery process. However, as noted, it is the most important one for people looking to end their substance use. 

Clinical Stabilization Services: Once a person has received treatment for their acute needs at Serenity at Summit New England, they need not go anywhere. They can continue with a recovery program under the same roof. Clinical stabilization services help them move forward with their recovery. An evaluation is also done in this phase to learn more about the client’s medical background, history of substance use, mental health status, and other important information to personalize their recovery treatment. If a mental health disorder is diagnosed, treatment for it will be addressed in the treatment plan.

After this step is completed, the medical and clinical team can start the client on an individualized treatment plan that uses evidence-based approaches as well as holistic therapies that aim to treat and restore the “whole person.” These offerings may include yoga, music therapy, and others. A combination of science-based techniques and holistic therapies have helped many people recover and heal from substance use disorders.

Serenity at Summit New England also offers cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This widely used therapy helps people identify destructive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and work to change them to make healthy and positive ones that improve their lives. Clients can participate in weekly counseling sessions, individual or group therapies, and learn relapse prevention techniques. Serenity also offers transportation, day or night, and 24-hour nursing care.

Life After Treatment

When you finish treatment, you will have gained friends and a supportive network. You will not suddenly find yourself out there on your own to navigate the world post-addiction treatment.

The clinicians at Serenity will help guide you to the next step or level of care right for you and can help you find the resources you need to reestablish your life. The clinicians and physicians there understand that addiction recovery is a daily practice and that you must actively manage it. Serenity can help you find and develop the tools and strategies you need to help you achieve that, with lasting sobriety being the goal. 

Start Your Recovery at Serenity at Summit New England Today

Serenity at Summit New England is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to serve a community of people who need help with breaking free from addiction. The dedicated staff members have helped many individuals get through some of life’s darkest moments and challenges and manage their pressing critical needs.

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