The Palm Beach Institute (PBI), a proud Delphi Behavioral Health Group facility, serves as a beacon of hope to people who want to end their dependence on substances and trade their addictions in for a fulfilling life.

For 50 years, we have been true to our mission and commitment to help people overcome substance addiction, and we were among the first in Florida to open our doors for this purpose. In 1970, there were few places people could go to get help for addiction in the United States. We welcomed people into our private drug and alcohol rehabilitation center back then, and today, we continue to help many more. We have helped thousands recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

As the need for quality treatment continues to grow amid the opioid epidemic and other substance use that continues to affect the nation, we remain committed more than ever.

At PBI, we understand that addiction is a chronic disease that requires treatment that is delivered with compassion and understanding. We provide our clients with the full spectrum of care so that their treatment experience will be effective. People come here for medical detox, an essential part of regaining stability before starting a treatment program, and before moving on to other settings on the continuum of care, as explained by the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

At the Palm Beach Institute, We Offer:

Residential Treatment: Some people who enter substance abuse treatment will need an extended stay in a facility where they can break away from negative influences and distractions to focus on their recovery from substance use and addiction. Residential treatment provides this for at least 30 days or longer, depending on the person’s needs. 

Here, they will have a structured day, receive 24-hour care to ensure their high-level needs are met, and focus on the causes of their addiction and what they must do next to get their lives back on track. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says research suggests that at least 90 days in this setting can give people a chance to have an effective recovery experience.

Partial Hospitalization: After a person leaves the higher-level of care in a residential setting, they need to move to a place where there is still some structure, flexibility, and encouragement toward independence. This is where a partial hospitalization program (PHP) can be beneficial. It is for clients who still have needs that require intensive treatment, such as a person diagnosed with a mental disorder and a substance use disorder (dual diagnosis), or people who need more time away from spaces that could encourage relapse. PHP clients could live on-site at a recovery facility, or they could live elsewhere, such as in transitional housing. Either way, they receive intensive therapies during the week for set hours at a facility. 

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) and Outpatient Treatment (OP): Both types of outpatient treatment programs are for people who have mild substance use disorders that can be treated while they live off-site and maintain a schedule that allows them to take care of their daily responsibilities. They receive the therapies they need for a set number of hours each week at a facility. 

This approach can also work for people who are in the early stages of their dependence. IOP and OP differ by the number of hours that clients are required to meet each week. IOP clients must attend intensive therapies for nine or more hours a week, while OP clients attend therapies nine or fewer hours a week.

Family Recovery: The Palm Beach Institute encourages families to join the treatment and recovery process. Addiction is also known as the “family disease” because it can affect everyone in a family, whether they realize it or not. One relative’s struggle with addiction can strain or end relationships, and even make people change who they are to deal with the person who is addicted to substances. 

In some cases, a person’s addiction is rooted in family issues that the family needs to resolve together. Family members do not always realize how important their support is for a loved one who is working toward recovering from substance use. Family therapy shows people how to help their loved one and look at some ways they can heal, too. It repairs broken ties and encourages communication that needs to be expressed. The Palm Beach Institute aims to give clients and their families the tools they need to improve their relationships and establish the support system they will need when treatment ends.

Alumni Program: Our alumni program ensures our program graduates can stay connected to the friends they met on their path to recovery. The bonds that form at PBI are lasting, and it is those relationships that can carry people far as they begin their new life. Support is important to stay encouraged and focused on post-treatment goals, which include avoiding relapse. In addition to fun activities and regular meetings for members, our alumni program offers graduates help with finding transitional housing and services and employment opportunities.

Start Your Recovery at PBI Today

Picking the right facility and programs is critical in helping people recover from addiction. If you are ready to start recovering from addictive substance use and habits, we warmly invite you to come here to The Palm Beach Institute to start an experience that could change your life.

We work together to give our clients quality care that meets their needs. We employ the Delphi Difference, which ensures each client receives personal care that puts them first.

We used evidence-based treatment modalities, including in our medical treatment, psychiatric care, and aftercare services. 

Get in touch with us today so that we can learn more about you or your loved one and how we can help you find what you need to make the decision you have wanted to make. This is your time to start the journey to improve your health, relationships, and mindset.

We are happy to answer your questions about programs at The Palm Beach Institute and how they can help you move forward. The sooner you reach out to us, the closer you are to making a brave decision that can reward you for the rest of your life.

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