Are you thinking about treatment? Do you have questions about drug or alcohol addiction? What happens when you call RecoveryHub? Who answers the phone, and what do you talk about? For some, it’s important to know these things before they make the call.

Learn more about our treatment representatives and what might happen when you call RecoveryHub.

What Does My Call Cost?

Your call is totally free to you. When you speak to a representative at RecoveryHub, no matter how long the conversation is, you won’t have to pay. Most helplines are offered as free services, but some charge callers fees, so it’s important to ask. However, we want to remove as many barriers to treatment as possible, so if you have questions for yourself or someone else, feel free to call without worrying about fees.

Who Will I Talk To?

When you call RecoveryHub, you’ll speak to a treatment representative that’s trained to answer your questions about addiction, treatment, and recovery. Representatives are experienced in talking to people with a wide variety of questions about addiction and recovery. They’re also experienced in talking to people that are currently struggling with substance use problems or the decision to go to treatment. Many of them have gone through the treatment process themselves. They’re able to help you with a variety of questions. More specifically, they can:

  • Talk to you about the drug and alcohol treatment process
  • Answer questions about drug and alcohol misuse
  • Explore treatment options and levels of care
  • Help you find and enter a treatment program for you or a loved one
  • Check on insurance verification to see how much is covered
  • Discuss your first steps and treatment and guide you to treatment
  • Prepare you for treatment before you leave

Is it Confidential?

Yes, your call and anything discussed or exchanged is 100 percent confidential. The only exception is if you or someone around you is in immediate danger. Otherwise, your call falls under privacy laws that govern addiction treatment. Anything you talk about with your representative is between you and them. Feel free to give them plenty of information that they can use to get you the best help for your needs. There are many levels of care in treatment, and the more information you provide can help representatives connect you with the right care.  

What if I’m Calling for Someone Else?

It’s actually quite common for friends and loved ones to call for someone else they are concerned about. You should absolutely feel free to call on behalf of someone else. Representatives can help give you more information about treatment and options for your loved ones. To start a treatment program, you may have to answer specific questions, and the person entering treatment will have to be involved. 

What Questions Will I Have to Answer?

When you call, you may answer some basic questions, and then the conversation will depend on your needs and questions. After basic questions, like your name and age, questions might include:

    • Are you or someone near you in a life-threatening situation?
    • What is your experience with substance use?
    • Are you struggling with a mental health issue?
    • Are you seeking or willing to get treatment?
    • Do you have a health insurance plan?
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