How Do You Forgive a Loved One After Addiction?

Addiction is hard on everyone, including the addicted person’s loved ones. It is understandable for the main focus to solely be on the person who is battling with drugs and/or alcohol. But the people who go through addiction with their loved ones also lose things, as well, including their peace of mind. Often, they do […]

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myths about depression

Common Myths About Depression

Depression is a common mental health issue in the United States, and yet, there are still a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings about the disorder. We’ve learned a lot about depression and mental health, though stigma can still present a barrier to treatment for many people. Learning the facts about depression and mood disorders may […]

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most common challenges addicts face in early recovery

What Are the Most Common Challenges People Face Early in Addiction Recovery?

Those final days of being in active addiction are among some of the worst you’ll experience in your lifetime. When you’ve been stuck in the cycle of addiction and you’re ready to get professional addiction treatment, you’ve likely reached rock bottom. You’re tired of the pain. You’re tired of the despair. You’re tired of going […]

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